Режиссёры Asya Özgören

Сценаристы Asya Özgören

Продюсеры Asya Özgören

Жанр Experimental, thriller

Продолжительность 00:01:57

Страна Турция


Technological developments that started with the industrial revolution have been placed in the way that society cannot be removed. Every action we perform in our daily lives is a prisoner of technology and captures us by trapping our subconscious. This situation gradually limited the personal freedom of individuals. We are directed to the needs of social systems.Instead of keeping up with the society to keep up with the system. Humanity plays a role as the weakest link in technology. Psychological and physical effects of developing technology on the human being are ignored and only positive aspects are marketed. Individuals who do not act as required by technology are forced to assimilate under the pressure of society. Developing technology is advancing to keep people within certain norms. The human race that created the technology is condemned to live under the yoke of technology. We live with the commands given by technology and we start to robotic. Technology is a consumption tool and has led us to race. Technology makes everything available, not only drives lazy people to passivity, but also tries to contradict themselves.