JEWELRY JUNKY (dir. F. Meinhardt)

Режиссёры Felix Meinhardt

Сценаристы Niles Maxwell

Продюсеры Felix Meinhardt & Niles Maxwell


Продолжительность 00:07:36

Страна Германия


A squad of small-time criminals take advantage of the beautiful blonde’s Judy’s (Alena Bacher) drug addiction to come by a valuable diamond necklace. With the help of her alleged bodyguard, Judy classily causes confusion in a jewelry store. The diamond necklace – not for the last time – changes hands and so the scenario takes off.First everything seems to be working out fine but with the doctor’s (Aleksandra Simic) help Judy manages to oust the criminals. They do so in a very charming, feminine, but nonetheless very ruthless and irrevocable manner.As soon as the audience feels a sense of security the two villains take back the action and arrange a brutally romantic finale. As you may imagine it is not your typical happy ending but more a twisted resolving of events that brings the jeweler Mrs. Windermere (Barbara von Münchhausen) and her employee Mr. Philips (Thomas Goersch) out to be victorious at last.