Режиссёры Aalim Rushdy, Vasu Anantha Bhardwaj

Сценаристы Aalim Rushdy

Продюсеры Aalim Rushdy, Vasu Anantha Bhardwaj

Жанр Drama, Thriller, Action, Love Story, Crime

Продолжительность 00:13:02

Страна Индия


A Delivery-man in New Delhi mistakenly sees stack of black-money stashed at someone from a Marble-Mafia-family.this film subtly and symbolically points out how demonetisation turned out to be a failure and only poor and lower class got to suffer from it, while people who had black-money were not much affected as they were the first ones to know how to and what to do with the illegal money.A burning story about the most controversial economic decision made by Indian government so far in the 21st century. Lives were affected, people suffered and yet, a thousand tales remained untold. Dheemi Aaanch or Obtuse Flames presents one such account through the prism of a dark, intense, subtle-political thriller.