Lacerda, The Crow of Guanabara

Режиссёры Sayd Mansur

Сценаристы Sayd Mansur

Продюсеры Renato Ranquine


Продолжительность 00:18:38

Страна Бразилия


Juxtaposing two distinct modes of storytelling, one restrained and reverent, another energetic and dissimulated, seeking to recapitulate the plans of conspiracy and coup plotted by the former governor of Guanabara Carlos Lacerda in the backstage of the official history of Brazil using not only the archival images , but the sound of narration and incidental sound effects to characterize the change of focus and tension, as well as establishing the identities of the characters involved, namely Getúlio Vargas, Jânio Quadros, João Goulart, JK, foreign forces, Brazilian military, etc.In honoring the famous passage of the false newsreel in Glauber Rocha's "Terra in Transe" (1967), we will present the trajectory of Carlos Lacerda who, like the dictator Porfirio Diaz, from the fictional city of Eldorado, began his public life in communism but, within a few years, he became a notorious coup and conservative leader.