Our next Shooting Star

Режиссёры Jessy Moravec, Tizia Florence

Сценаристы Jessy Moravec, Tizia Florence

Продюсеры Filmkids.ch, Gormazing Unicorns

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:18:00

Страна Швейцария


The Short Movie „Our next Shootingstar“ was developed and shot within a three weekend Workshop.As well as the theme, the script and the characters were written and created together with eleven teenagers of the age between eleven and nineteen.The movie shows the last moments before a School Shooting takes place and processes the consequences for every person being involved. During production we tried to research as much as possible and to look deep into the subject. We wanted several points of views wich reflect throughout the different characters.The story doesn’t follow the progression only, but opens up questions about consciousness, advertency, suicide, homicide, death and the beyond. The movie doesn’t want to choose a side, buts gives a neutral inside look into the different views and mindsets of the young people.