Make Finland Great Again

Режиссеры Jarno Harju

Сценаристы Jarno Harju

Продюсеры Jarno Harju, Toni Majaniemi

Жанр Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Продолжительность 00:19:11

Страна Финляндия


Finland is the country with the happiest people in the world and the least corrupt. False or true?"While, obviously, the cartoonish supervillainy of a Donald Trump administration has led to the rest of the world’s leaders getting a few easy chances to seem ‘progressive’ by comparison, the fact remains that generally, as Jarvis Cocker once termed it, “C***s are still running the world.” This extremely brutal, traumatic ‘comedy’ from Helsinki will certainly jog your memory of that fact, with the government of what some would rather flippantly think of as a sleepy, slow-paced Nordic nation, coming in for some merciless criticism, regarding their dehumanizing treatment of the unemployed."