Режиссёры Packiaraj

Сценаристы Packiaraj

Продюсеры S.Palani, P.Bhavani


Продолжительность 00:20:38

Страна Индия


A girl married a lower caste boy and settled in another village. Her father found them and honour killed her husband while she was pregnant. After his death she settled in another village and gave birth to a baby boy. The village till then splitted after 17 years due to building a temple. When the boy who is studying 12 std came to his house found her mother struggling for his life. She was dead on the way to hospital. Her deadbody was neglected by both caste people from being entered buried into the village. The boy buried her in the middle of the village without other's knowledge and also kept the statue in her body which was thrown by the villagers who stole the same in fear. He made everybody to accept her as god and got united.