Eternal - Never Let You Go

Режиссеры Arjun Vishal Rai

Сценаристы Arjun Vishal Rai

Продюсеры Arjun Vishal Rai

Жанр Romance, Drama

Продолжительность 00:07:03

Страна Индия


After a long 5 year relationship when Akshay and Vinita are going to marry, just before a week they had a heated argument and Vinita left Akshay, Akshay's life becomes miserable after that but one day Vinita comes back and says sorry about her angry behavior and when she sees his condition then asks him to take shower and get dress like a living human but a girl Juhi who is calling Akshay continuously on phone comes to see him and when Akshay asks about her condition she replies a shocking news to him..