What We Don’t See

Режиссёры Lamberto Guerra

Сценаристы Lamberto Guerra

Продюсеры Lamberto Guerra

Жанр Drama, LGTB, Oldage

Продолжительность 00:04:50

Страна Испания


Lorenza is nearing 80, she has just become widow and decides to come back to her youth home. Her daughter, Tara, does not approve that decision, but her granddaughters, Sofía and Alba, decide to accompany her. Together, these women tour the last stretch of her comeback, a short journey of 20 metres and 50 years, to reflect on the things that really matter, how difficult it is for us to see them… And for making some discovery along the way...“Lo que no se ve” (What we don’t see) is a minimal story… As simple as necessary.