Red Ochre - the Last Guards of the Holy Fire

Режиссеры Tim Drabandt, Fanon Kabwe

Сценаристы Tim Drabandt, Fanon Kabwe

Продюсеры Tim Drabandt, Fanon Kabwe

Жанр Culture, Nomads, Westernization, Climate Change, Africa, Nature

Продолжительность 00:31:05

Страна Южная Африка


"Red Ochre - the Last Guards of the Holy Fire" is a documentary film about the rapid dying of a traditional culture: The Himba tribe in Northern Namibia.Since the 16th century the nomads populate in widespread collectives the region around river Kunene in Northwest Namibia. Up to today, many Himba try to keep their traditional way of life, though climate change, governmental development projects and the pursuit of westernization by the younger generations are putting their culture into high danger.At the holy fire the tribal elder and chief Hivazako Hembinda tells of the spiritual wealth of a culture that will soon disappear.