Режиссёры Dominik Czech

Сценаристы Dominik Czech, Piotr Janiszewski

Продюсеры Dominik Czech

Жанр Comedy, Sci-Fi

Продолжительность 00:07:54

Страна Польша


Have you ever wondered who the guy who talks to you from your smartphone is? You get into your car, tap the address, and there, you know where to drive. It is amazing! It’s a pity you don’t appreciate it so much. You have no idea how many complicated processes exist, just to make sure you can comfortably sit behind your wheel. And there, on the other side, there is a war going on.The voices from the smartphone are performed by actors from Polish theaters : Grażyna Madej and Adam Dzieciniak. In a very grotesque way they have been trying to overthrow the existing stereotypes. By teasing eachother they have been endeavouring to prove the superiority of one gender over another, therefore presenting at the same time commonly known home atmosphere.