The Comeback

Режиссёры Elias Bou Khalil

Сценаристы Elias Bou Khalil

Продюсеры Elias Bou Khalil

Жанр Social Realism, Social Problem, Message

Продолжительность 00:03:46

Страна Ливан


Sometimes, leaving is not a choice, but returning certainly is.In other words, today is yesterday's consequence but also tomorrow's hope.Our ancestors left us a world full of hate, wars, and conflicts.What is our duty now? Should we accept it the way it is? Should we give up?"The Comeback" is a short film describing the bitterness of the past and its cruelty, portraying the reaction of a young man visiting his demolished house for the very first time after the war: he has a word to say to the world.