5 Rupees

Режиссёры Ajison Valsala Haridas

Сценаристы Arjun Rana

Продюсеры Varsha Sharma, Ghanshyam Sharma, Jeevan Bharati


Продолжительность 00:04:39

Страна Индия


A story of Hunger and Humanity, Ganesh is roaming around looking for a job with no success all day. He reaches hungry and tired at a Tea stall but the lowest food item on the menu Tea is 7 rupees and he only has a 5 rupee coin, dejected Ganesh leaves while strolling he comes across a street urchin who begs for food, Ganesh then takes out the coin he has but then realizes how he himself couldn't buy anything of that coin and then it strikes to him money isn't going to solve the problem and he does something which might be unethical but gives hope and happiness to everyone involved.