The Professor - A simple Story of An extra Ordinary Man

Режиссёры EmraanAkbar Enamdar

Сценаристы EmraanAkbar Enamdar , Vikas Bhagat

Продюсеры Joy Bhosle , Rajesh Pandey , Sajith Acharaya


Продолжительность 00:14:57

Страна Индия


A retired IITian professor from delhi strives very hard for the lives of tribals in MadhyaPradesh sacrificing his elite life behind. Being a socialist, his only motto is to turn a droughtarea into a greenery. He chooses to live among the tribals in kochumu leaving behind hishighly paid jobs that his degrees can easily buy. A journalist Jaydev from Mumbaiapproaches him to cover his story. Jaydev was amused to find himself turned down by thelean personality of the professor. But Jaydev was too determined to know much more in-depth about the professor for his own inspiration than just covering a story. As it was toolate in the evening Jaydev stayed overnight under the tree shivering. Next morning whenjaydev was on his way back Professor asks him to accompany him into a small hut where heis teaching the village kids the different projects which can be used for preservation of theenvironment. After that on the way he narrates his struggle for the better life for tribals asgovernment is neglecting the major issues of them. Professor is in conflict with thegovernance for the basic rights of education, electricity and water supply for the differentparts of Madhya Pradesh. Jaydev was amazed to hear from him about his motto behind hisstruggle. Professor wants each and every person nearly about 7.7 billion world population toplant atleast one tree in their life time, as this will be enough to save the planet from naturalcalamities. Jaydev assures that though he has covered the story he too became asignificant part of professor’s story Alokji. Towards the end of the film the tribal people arestill waiting for the water to rush out through the rusted taps.