Режиссеры Masud Ahmed

Сценаристы Masud Ahmed

Продюсеры Ranodhir Barua

Жанр drama

Продолжительность 00:19:30

Страна Бангладеш


Every day a person comes in a bird's cage with a bird's cage and looks at the bird and asks the shopkeeper, what is the woman and the man in whom? One day he bought a female bird and a male bird and he The woman leaves the bird while in the shop. Just returning home with a male bird. He knows whoever dies, goes to the Creator, so write a letter along with the creator to the male bird, along with the Creator, head office, human construction factory, subject: Men create man without creating male males. This letter drowned the bird with birds.Sex is a biological demand. There is no other than the imagination of the existence of a woman in a sex where there is no sex. Just because there is sex, such as the advent of a female parochialism is the main sex of all such greed, sin, jealousy, murder and murder. When the woman goes on deliberately to reconcile sex then sex is holy. When a person is engaged in a solo interest against anybody's wishes, then rape or abusive is done.