Lourdes' Choice

Режиссёры José Luis Anaya

Сценаристы José Luis Anaya

Продюсеры José Luis Anaya, Beto Basilio, Damián Prado

Жанр Drama, Fantasy

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Мексика


Lourdes, a single mother battling alcoholism's delirium tremens effects, must face the ultimate decision wether practicing euthanasia to her terminally ill only son Alvaro on his request who agonizes by a lethal leukemia, or finish of her own life and letting her own son die. Her past, inner demons, her bruised relationship with Alvaro and a mysterious women will pressure Lourdes to make that decision, accept her destiny and face her own fate for a possible redemption... somewhere.