Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine

Режиссёры Jonathan Farrelly, Mark Smyth

Сценаристы Jonathan Farrelly, Mark Smyth

Продюсеры Ronan Cassidy


Продолжительность 00:12:37

Страна Ирландия


Patsy (50) is an anomaly, a friendly and well-liked traffic warden! He meets his friend Wanda (28) and they chat about dating and his lack of it! He goes on with his work and while crossing the road (and simultaneously on Tinder!) he’s hit by a lady on a bike, with a basket full of flowers. She nervously gets up and flees the scene, leaving one flower behind. Wanda picks Patsy up and realizes he now has an incredible sense of smell. Patsy begins to insult people (unintentionally!) on the things he can smell on them! As people begin to avoid him, his nose gets blocked and he’s now helpless to find his love. Wanda, who has been following him, finds him alone on the road. An air freshener in her car clears Patsy's nose and they set off to find the ‘Bike Lady’ and Patsy tracks her through the flower she left behind. He reaches her house and there is an instant chemistry between them. Olga (40) falls for Patsy aswell and they share a moment; delighted the magic of life has brought them together.