CardBoard House

Режиссёры sivan shuster, Vered Halutzi

Сценаристы Vered Halutzi

Продюсеры Yuvla Sarafov


Продолжительность 00:09:45

Страна Израиль


This is the story of Itamar, a newly divorced father who is trying to spare his young daughter Yael any more difficulties. When she's under his custody, he tries, unsuccessfully, to iron her cloths, tie her ponytail and make her sandwiches for breakfast. Every morning, while Itamar is trying not to burn the omelet for Yael, she sneaks to her next door neighbor, Ms. Marlen, who makes the best sandwiches. Ms. Marlen can be a klutz but she is a kind old woman who always asks yael how's she holding up.And so, Itamar, yael and Ms. Marlen are having the same morning routine until one day, Itamar finds his sandwich in the hands of the one of the neighbor's cat. He looks for his daughter, catching them both on the spot. While telling Ms. Marlen off, yael goes back to their home and lock the door. Through the door, Itamar can hear yael crying for her mom. He asks Ms. Marlen to go back while trying to calm her down to no avail. When he offers to make her chocolate milk, a trick that her mother used whenever she was sad, she almost opens the door before it is apparent that they are all out of milk.Defeated, he goes to Ms. Marlen for milk. Reluctant at first, when she understands that it's for Yael sake, she helps. Itamar takes the milk back to his daughter and silently, they start making the chocolate milk. He then suddenly stop, and hug her.