Ships Sailing Nowhere

Режиссёры Marija Lučić

Сценаристы Marija Lučić

Продюсеры Matija Lukman, Marija Lučić


Продолжительность 00:04:21

Страна Германия


This is a short experimental movie dedicated to all people who are shipping nowhere and to those who just need to open their eyes (and hearts). Ships sailing nowhere is more than a movie – it is a lifestyle.On the one side, this movie can be a depressive and anxious movie about people who do not serve any cause or have a future. People lost in the nothingness of their existence. But, on the other side, it is actually a positive movie about people who are living in a moment ''here and now''. This scene of a girl floating and only surrounded by the sea and the sky is just a visual image of the peace in her mind. She won't waste any thought in the present about a possible/uncertain future or about an imposed program of life where you need to have a job, family, career and have a life full of stress (which represents the red swimsuit and gives a strong contrast combined with green and blue – the nature). She is free. Also, the soundtrack is like life – bitter and sweet.With Ships Sailing Nowhere firstly, I wanted to give a visual and auditory beauty, and then through the symbolism of the visuals to induce the viewer on thinking. Or zen.*I came up with the idea on "Nisam Od Jučer" workshop by Kinoklub Zagreb and then continuing to experiment with the screenplay on the festival "Sedam Dana Stvaranja" in Pazin at Film Experiment Workshop (also mentoring by Kinoklub Zagreb) where I made the "Preface to the Ships Sailing Nowhere".*