Welcome to Tsunami Village

Режиссёры Arata Shigeno


Продюсеры Yuki Kitazumi


Продолжительность 00:16:11



This 16 minutes film based on the real experience of Mr. Shigeno in Dala, ourskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. He looked inside “Tsunami Village” which sees many scamming and ripping-off cases targeted to foreign tourists. "Tsunami" means the cyclone Nargis in 2008. After this disaster, many suffered people have gathered in this village. Some ripping-off guides have made good use of this village by providing "Slum Tourism" to foreigners. After showing the difficult situation of the Village, the guides lead foreigners to rice shop and say, "Buy the rice to donate for the Village". Everybody suspects that this suggestion is a ripping-off. At first, Mr. Shigeno was fooled by one guide lady and confused by what is happening on in Dala. Then, he decided to seek the reality of her and face this issue by shooting a film. Though some interviews, he discovered secrets lying in Tsunami Village. And he also noticed that she was a Muslim minority in this Buddhist country.