Режиссеры Ashley Pegg

Сценаристы Regina Moriarty

Продюсеры Parvez Qadir


Продолжительность 00:08:00

Страна Соединенное Королевство


Tam, 14, has been bought bright new trainers by a much older man who works at the garage, and her best friend Sash is worried. When Tam bunks off school to meet Spencer in the hills above town, Sash follows her. Tam is furious when she sees her best friend, but Sash is undeterred and confronts Spencer about his grooming of Tam. Spencer can’t take it and kicks Tam out. The next day, Sash waits for Tam as usual for the slow walk to school, but when they see another schoolgirl in the same smart trainers, they both know Tam has had a lucky escape.