Режиссёры Shalu anel, Anna Keerthi

Сценаристы Shalu Anel

Продюсеры Shalu Anel


Продолжительность 00:15:22

Страна Индия


Shanthi , a nursing student at mangalore who is born in kadukumanna (kurumba tribal settlement) , attapadi is denied to let her friends come to her home. The authorities informed that anyone outsider is not permitted to enter the place she live in since they have to cross a ‘buffer zone’ area to reach kadukumanna. She couldn’t able to take her friends to her home. They had to leave the place and return to where they came from. Here in Galasi , I don’t see it is appropriate to judge things on a single viewfinder. Galasi is a fiction of a 20 year old rajesh coming to his home Galasi (another kurumba settlement ‘ooru’) from his university to attend the pachasavu feast . Pachasavu is a feast that celebrates the long dead ancestors by the families of the dead where there is a get together of kurumba community. On his walk to Galasi, he meets his friend Sudeesh. From there they start walking to their home Galasi together and are having conversations in their native Kurumba language. The name Galasi in Kurumba language means ‘The Winner’. Are they so in the viewfinder I see them? The conversation they are having about their life and the terrain they are walking lead them to Galasi.