Режиссёры Ahmed Mücahid Aydoğan

Сценаристы Ahmed Mücahid Aydoğan, Fatih Alibaz Dursun

Продюсеры Rumman Grup


Продолжительность 00:08:35

Страна Сирийская Арабская Республика


Fatma is a nine-years-old girl who has lost her father and home because of civil war. With her mother and she have struggled for their life in a tent city. Her mother Ayşe, while having the pain of her martyred husband, tries to earn her family's keep by needlework. One day when life goes through its natural course, Fatma sees a new shoe in one of the shops and wants to buy it. After hearing that they do not have that much money from her mother, she mentions to Ahmed, who is both a schoolmate and a neighbor, that she wants to buy a new shoe for herself. Thanks to the brotherly answer of Ahmed, Fatma finds a way to hold on to her dreams in despite of all the difficulties.