Far Tides

Режиссёры Setareh Samavi

Сценаристы Setareh Samavi

Продюсеры DocNomads

Жанр women sociall issues, portrait

Продолжительность 00:24:50

Страна Бельгия


I, Setareh, Iranian woman, 37, have been looking for a trusted friend, to help me overcome my phobia of deep dark cold water. A fear that began at age of 18 after a panic attack while swimming in the open water, when I worried that my then-husband was going to leave me dead in the sea.That's how I met Sophie (33, Belgium) in Brussels, in the winter of 2018. Sophie is a surfer. She is many things actually: a chief, a dancer, a graphic designer. She is a true independent woman who fights for her daily life, just like me. Our similarities have brought us close to each other. I have shared in her difficulties even as I have had approached her to solve mine. AWAY BUT HERE is a dual portrait about Setareh and Sophie who have reached a turning point in their lives; Sophie, 4 years after her divorce is emptying the farm-house where she lived with her ex-husband, so that she can move on. This has been a challenge for her to decide on and finally to take an action. There she kept boxes of clothes for the baby she aborted when she was not ready to become a mother; her wedding dress,things that people collect for a life they wish to have. And many more memories, that now, for certain reasons, she no longer wants to be attached to.The story is an interaction between the two of us, sharing our personal stories about divorce, abortion, fears that have hung heavy on us since childhood. I, a young woman, from the Middle East meet this young woman from the West, and together we find out how the SKY HAS THE SAME COLOR EVERYWHERE. The film observes Sophie in her daily life, work, home, and especially the ordeal of closing the farm. Through Sophie's voice over, we hear her life story: how she grew up in the States and then moved to Belgium as a teenager. Sophie is bilingual (French-English) and the conversations with Setareh who is behind the camera, as well as Sophie's V.O will be in these two languages.Sophie's main motivation to share her story, stems from a pain she carries from childhood. At the age of 9-10, watching the Oprah show, she realizes that she has been sexually abused by her father: this show makes her realize what she has been through. This is the main reason they leave the States without the father and move to Brussels. She believes that sharing her story would help others who are unknowingly in the same situation, to ask others for help.