Режиссёры Mindaugas Strelkauskis

Сценаристы Mindaugas Strelkauskis

Продюсеры Mindaugas Strelkauskis

Жанр Drama, Horror, Post-apocalyptic

Продолжительность 00:04:18

Страна Литва


The novel story deals with the catastrophe generated by a Coronavirus. Despite the tentatives of survival made by loads of people who desperately fought against it, some other human beings made mistakes which others ignored. All of this lead to a total destruction of the country the story is plot in, as the majority of its people were infected; furthermore Ignalina nuclear powerplant hadn’t properly been maintained and this resulted in a tragically catastrophic event. The ongoing infection in question, by the end of the story has wiped out half of Europe and countries are toxicated, so much that many questions arose about the future of Eastern Europe.As a consequence of the policy adopted by all other countries which closed their borders to the infected territory, and trapped the remaining survivors inside of it, the eventual fate of Eastern Europe is now clear.And to make matters worse, the surviving people are obliged to constantly move from place to place, because of the danger caused by the fact radiations are still roaming around and could hit them in every moment. This is what happens to our main character, Ivar, who suddenly gets hit by a terrible radiation that makes him fall fainting to the ground while, in the distance, a red figure emerging from the gloom of the forest seems to be the signification of the cruelty of the territory he was in.