An Encounter

Режиссёры Vaibhavi Kodnani

Сценаристы Vaibhavi Kodnani

Продюсеры Anil Kodnani


Продолжительность 00:05:54

Страна Индия


Mitali is out for a street photo walk, capturing moments around her and enjoying herself. That is when she notices something and her face falls. The story goes into flashback depicting her childhood incident when she got scared of Hijras (Eunuchs). When we come back into the present, a Hijra (Eunuch) is standing in front of her. The Hijra has a request – she wants Mitali to click her photos. Mitali, although uncomfortable exceeds to the request and in the process, gets relaxed. She thus overcomes her childhood fear towards the Hijra community. (In the Indian subcontinent, Hijras are a community consisting of eunuchs/intersex people/transgender people who make their living by asking for alms and the money received by performing at family functions such as wedding and child birth.)