Режиссёры Buğra Mert Alkayalar

Сценаристы Nazlı Yağmur Hasret

Продюсеры Buğra Mert Alkayalar

Жанр Drama, Experimental

Продолжительность 00:03:33

Страна Турция


Mankind, embrace the symbolic life as the absolute reality. They show courage to know the truth when they experience an angst moment.They check the floor and realize the floor is nothingness. At first, falling to this nothingness is heavy for mankind. Then they discover, the nothingness that they realized is not something causes them to commit suicide.It’s something that makes them feel free. They understand that the ideal personality they want to achieve is not their own version of personality, it’s society's version of personality.They take their destiny to their own hands and they start to create their own worlds.