Internet Celebrity





Продолжительность 00:19:56

Страна Китай


The whole film revolves around the incident of ma jie's unexpected popularity on the Internet as the story line. I started from the causes of her career changes, to the world-shaking changes in her life after she became popular, and finally to the process of her son xiaojie's depression.In mobile phone and network has become an indispensable part of contemporary life, and for the web celebrity fans has also become a kind of social culture, everyone hopes to seek profits in the network get attention, build give a kind of universal "entertainment to death" phenomenon, alert Huxley proposed in the new world of beauty culture wither - people feel pain is not their laughter instead of thinking, but they don't know why I laugh and why not thinking. For all these, how should we get along with each other and what kind of person should each person choose to be in the current of society is a question worth pondering. Will we one day, as Neil postman said, be ruined by what we love most? This is something everyone needs to worry about and be vigilant about.