I <3 Ricardo

Режиссеры Jorge Mario Zuleta


Продюсеры Jorge Mario Zuleta

Жанр Experimental

Продолжительность 00:04:15

Страна Коста-Рика


"I love Ricardo" is an experimental VR created from images of reflections, exposed light shots, rain, details in containers and smooth surfaces mixed with a large amount of experimental programming code both in the generative realms and in After Effects Expressions . It took around seven months to be created. The excellent soundtrack was one of the milestones of the idea because "Cariñito Dub" impressed me from the beginning. This short film was not made with the 360 VR programs, but observing and exploiting the nature of how the image is distorted today when we digitize these video files. I V3 Ricardo seeks to express a deep love for a significant individual and pretends to have a specific meaning about interpersonal relationships. This short film was made in 2017. The original footage was captured with a DSRL camera and a sports camera. Greetings from Costa Rica. Pura Vida!