Режиссёры Abdulrahman Yahya

Сценаристы abdulrhman yahya

Продюсеры abdulrhman yahya

Жанр drama, realistic, comedy

Продолжительность 00:18:00

Страна Саудовская Аравия


Taswif means that Procrastination In the filmThe manager asks the employee to write the manager's speech and submit it tomorrow to deliver it at 8:00 amThe employee tells the manager that he will write it in 10 minutesBut the employee is busy with mobile programs and social networking and convince himself that he will write when it is ready.The time has passed and the employee has not written anythingThe manager promised the employee if the call was completed that he would be rewardedThe employee was able to complete the call within 5 minutes to send him the manager after that reward.This short 18 minute film is like a challenge where the story was made in one place on one representative as a complete cutI wish you a pleasant viewingDirected By : Abdulrhman YahyaActor By : Bander Almusa’ed - Amjad Al Omaree - Assma Salah - Hesham Al Nasser - Nezar Al faiuomy - Rania Tawfiq - Ellham Al FadelTranslation : sales Ben MahfodStory & scenario : Abdulrhman Yahya