The Rainbow

Режиссёры Hiranya Kalita

Сценаристы Hiranya Kalita

Продюсеры Hiranya Kalita


Продолжительность 00:23:17



A lower middle class person. A job of a chowkidar (Security) in a government office. Irregular nature of job. It’s a dream to get it regularized. Sometimes don’t get salary for a year but still continues to work with dedication. Carries vivid dreams in core of his heart. A dream to make his children better persons. In between the turmoil of reality and dreams the economically broken person, trying to solve his family problem has to approach moneylenders. He sometimes needs to take new loan to pay back his old ones. Thus it increases the burden of debts. Same way moneylenders insult and offend him everywhere, in office, home or street. Even threatens to kill him. His wife gives courage to this mentally broken person. Monetarily he might be poor but not by love. She becomes armour to her husband at the time danger. She doesn’t even hesitate to play role of widow to save her husband’s life. She took a socially unacceptable way to protect her husband and to make her children better person. She has kept her heart aside and wipes out her red Sindoor from her forehead and thus they played the role of a widow and a dead man in order to pay back their debts. Their eyes sparkle with dreams of making their children better persons in life.