Street of Death

Режиссеры Karam Ghossein

Сценаристы Karam Ghossein

Продюсеры Emily Dische-Becker, Karam Ghossein

Жанр Hybrid, Coming of age, Class, Political, Social, Youth, Manhood

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Германия


In “Street of Death,” the narrator revisits the site of his youth – a lawless slum suburb next to Beirut’s international airport airport, where vendettas, displays of masculinity and raucous street weddings punctuate daily life. A treacherous stretch of highway, coined “Street of Death” after the many young lives lost performing motorcycle stunts, separates the area from the dazzling Mediterranean sea. “Street of Death” draws a raw and intimate portrait of a neighborhood through the stories of five inhabitants, weaving the past and present, and inviting a re-examination of our relationship to the turmoil of adolescence: Do we ever really leave that very first place of precarious living and inflated dreams, or does its resonance ever truly leave us?