the red rose

Режиссеры nacho recio

Сценаристы josé maría córdoba

Продюсеры romina mariel cupido

Жанр videocreation, videocreación, videoart, videoarte

Продолжительность 00:08:12

Страна Испания


In a school without spirit, in a dark and decrepit classroom a class is being taught, the students and the teacher wear white masks.They go out to recess and the children don't play, they walk, they talk but static.The casual finding of a suitcase containing a painting transforms them and the masks are filled with colors.They decide to take a walk in the field, a girl separates from the group to pick up a red rose, she falls into a place of difficult access and in a group, jointly and severally, the other school fellows and the teacher rescue the girl, she takes off her mask and smile and others do the same.Access to art and culture transforms us; Life (the rose) and solidarity always above all mask.