Режиссёры Joanna Krochmalska

Сценаристы Joanna Krochmalska

Продюсеры Maciej Ślesicki


Продолжительность 00:05:14

Страна Польша


It is a black comedy about a certain marriage. Unexpectedly, the man finds a divorce petition in the letterbox. He does not believe his eyes.He tries to find out from his wife why she did not warn him. They start to argue. The discussion gets stronger when they start talking about the division of property. The wife proposes that the husband would take his equipment because she wants to buy a new one anyway. The man honorably resigns from their joint achievements. He decides that he will take only the chair in which he likes to watch TV. It just so happens that it is a chair in which Pimpuś likes to sleep - his wife's favorite dog, so she refuses decisively. Everything, just no Pimpusia armchair!The man takes the ax out of the house and threatens that in that case he will divide everything honestly in half. The woman is mocking her husband, she makes fun when he cuts their wealth with their ax just in half, eventually disappears at home, not wanting to look at this circus.Meanwhile, the husband sees Pimpusia, takes the dog on his hand and puts it on the trunk, holds it with his hand and ... hits with an ax. A question arises to his wife: head or torso?