Режиссёры Rajmani maurya

Сценаристы Rajmani maurya

Продюсеры Centre for Theatre and Film,University of Allahabad


Продолжительность 00:07:41

Страна Индия


The meaning of " Fokalwa " - is from the Fokala (Peel). Fokalwa film is composed around such a character, which is based on a small child. The word Fokalwa is taken from the child's personal life. Fokalwa is the name of the child's personal life. The Fokalwa remains blissful and positive in his own world. He has no complaints from society about why he does not have all the comforts of the world. Fokalwa has his own separate world of play but one day he sees the different world of roaming posters on the side of the road and fills the poster's world to fulfill one's dream, then Fokalwa will face a different world.