Wajn Ulrix - Deprivation


Сценаристы Wajn Ulrix

Продюсеры Wajn Ulrix

Жанр Techno, brutal, slam, sleep paralysis

Продолжительность 00:05:43

Страна Бельгия


A music video about Jeremy, a little who's being haunted by an entity called "The Hatman". To break the disease, known as "Sleep Paralysis", he needs to fight back… By translating the rhythm of his heart into sound.-102% made by Wajn Ulrix-This movie contains monsters (inspired by Alex Pardee) because I draw these since I'm little. All audio & visual content is made by myself. I'm a live-dj and producer, creating deep analog industrial techno. In these series I've created a fusion between my music and drawings, a fusion where I put both disciplines across each other. I realize this is niche and dark, very underground and real. But that's just the way I like it.