The Dwarfs

Режиссеры Piotr Sulkowski

Сценаристы Piotr Sulkowski

Продюсеры Piotr Sulkowski

Жанр Fantasy, Erotic

Продолжительность 00:02:30

Страна Польша


A forest at night. A teenage girl wakes up inside a dolly’s house. Terrified she realizes that there is a huge eye watching her through the window. Through the other widow she sees a huge nose smelling the house. 7 dwarfs gather around the little house. Clearly, they are very excited about the content in the dolly’s house they found in the forest.- It’s so soft- It smells so nice- What is it?- Knock!One of the dwarfs laughs and breaks its doors snapping his fingers. The doors hit the opposite wall right next to the bed where the girl is lying. Hearing the hypnotic whispers ‘Snow White’ is not scared anymore, she is fascinated by the spectacle happening around her. The girl seems to be attracted by the hole made by the missing door through which one of the dwarfs put his enormous tongue and licked off the inside of the house.Epilogue:The dwarfs have their huge, pink, latex hats off; they hold them tightly trying to cover their genitals. Standing in a line they are singing their song. The princess is not there anymore; maybe she has never been there.