Режиссёры Vladimir Di Prima

Сценаристы Vladimir Di Prima

Продюсеры Vladimir Di Prima


Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Италия


After an extreme action (maybe dreamed, imagined or truly accomplished), the young protagonist of this story wakes up in the middle of a wood, in the likeness of a black sheep. Here, while he’s trying to escape from the gunshots of some pigs he was peeking at in the middle of something dirty, he bumps into a series of characters who represent the allegoric transfigurations of the moral and cultural decay of the modern society; a society that imposes successful model by misleading the masses with a “reachability” otherwise impossible. At the end, when the animal meets a virgin in bridal dress, it seems he could reach the safeness; but, while trying desperately to win the virgin over, the sheep fells down shot to death from her complete indifference. When he wakes up again in the bathroom of his home, in the likeness of a man, he decides to give a sense, maybe permanent, to his existence.