Talk to the Hands (A Prologue)

Режиссёры Katia Belas


Продюсеры Katia Belas

Жанр Romance, Comedy, Drama

Продолжительность 00:10:00

Страна Соединенные Штаты


When Annie falls in love, at the first sight, with AJ at a local cafe, she wasn't expecting the whole new culture and adventure that would come with it. Annie finds out soon enough that AJ is a very attractive gentleman that happens to be...Deaf.As all relationships are based on communication, Annie and AJ go through many trials and obstacles while trying to understand each other in different languages and ways of communication. Not counting also with their own, long time friends and roommates, Hank and Emma, who don't approve of their relationship.Their worst probation still comes when Emma asks her boyfriend Oscar, to help Kurt, her friend who has a crush on Annie, to get his chance with her.With the roommate and friends evil plan to separate the deaf guy from the hearing girl, Annie and AJ have to find what will take to overcome their cultural, (dis)ability and language differences. ​​