Grafomafia - new film

Режиссеры Vladimir Zaikin, Eduard Radzuykevich

Сценаристы Vladimir Zaikin, Eduard Radzuykevich, Sergey Plotov

Продюсеры Marianna Balashova, Vadim Bogdanov, Andrey Devyatkin, Vladimir Murov

Жанр Comedy, Romance, Action

Продолжительность 01:33:00

Страна Россия


It is even hard to imagine the passions that burst in a seemingly quiet and peaceful publishing environment. A team of scribblers receives the order to cruelly take down a really talented writer. However, it turns out, that applying bloody methods in life is a lot harder than writing a thriller. And if you do not know how to work in collaboration, it's in vain. The head of a major publishing house, a loving mother has a great desire to make her son famous worldwide, however he is truly passionate not about literature, but about women and luxury cars. Nonetheless, can it stop the empowered woman? She resorts to forgery and passes a solitary writer's manuscript for the novel of her scatter-brained son. Suddenly, the real author comes out of the forest and appears on the threshold of the publishing house, becoming an obstacle to the woman's dream. The only way out left is to hire killers. Scribblers are ready to turn into them in exchange for getting their work published. Will the authors of bloody thrillers relate to reality their violent fantasies? And will the genuine talent manage to get the well-deserved fame and true love? That is the question.