Afternoon Raspberries

Режиссёры Gligor Kondovski

Сценаристы Gligor Kondovski

Продюсеры Gligor Kondovski


Продолжительность 00:07:28

Страна Республика Македония


A story about two lonely old people and their expression of love. DANITA (68) and DIME (72) meet in a park. The two are lovers of raspberries, and both bring with them a small raspberry bag. Dime leaves. Danica goes after him. He does not reach him because Dime goes in an unknown direction. The next day Danica goes back to the park hoping to meet him again. He does not meet him. He goes down the street as he sees Dime's poster that he is dead. At the end, Danica sees a picture in her living room and through this photograph we discover that Dime was the first love of Danica.