The Future Car

Режиссёры asadollah gholamali

Сценаристы asadollah gholamali

Продюсеры asadollah gholamali

Жанр drama, fantastic, horror

Продолжительность 00:07:33

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


A young woman is consistently thinking about the future. She is an Iranian girl who has obsession bout her future in Iran. she is disappointed. She has forgotten the enjoyment of the present. She takes photograph from old things and old people. While she is sitting in the café, a strange car parks near the café. A man who is similar to a clown is driving the car. He asks people accompany him into the future. She is watching him. She gets in the car. After a while the car stops. The door opens. Man asks her to get off the car and tells her she can see the future. The woman wants to get off the car but suddenly she is thrown in a grave. She screams and man laughs and mocks her. She is still screaming and suddenly sees a skeleton in the grave. She shouts and cries nonstop. The man is still laughing. After a while he tells the woman that this is the future she was waiting for. The end is death and thinking about future and what will happen is useless. He asks woman to get up and get in the car to comeback where they came from. She refuses to get in the car. The clown leaves there. Woman is calm and still in the grave, she hugs the skeleton as she knew him/her. The main idea of this film is valuing the present time. Living in present is the most precious treasure thing in our lifetime. We all encounter death at the end, now when everything is mortal why not grab the present. Thinking about future just destroys the joy of living.