The Nightmare

Режиссёры Anna Lena Höhne

Сценаристы Anna Lena Höhne

Продюсеры Anna Lena Höhne, David Matthei


Продолжительность 00:10:30

Страна Германия


Matthias (35 years old) thinks that Marie, the daughter of his best friend, fell down a cliff while he was playing with his eight-year-old son Leo. When Matthias wakes up from a nightmare, his son tells him that he shoved Marie.Matthias wants to protect Leo by not telling his best friend and now childless mother this secret. His bad conscience grows, but he stays strong for his son.In her sorrow, Steffi completely relies on Matthias. She wishes that Leo could have saved Marie. This is too much for Matthias. He tells Steffi, what really happened, and she, deeply hurt, kicks him out.After Matthias has told the truth, his nightmare changes positively and shows that he and his son can finally mourn without lies and bad conscience.