Режиссёры adetriyan

Сценаристы adetriyan

Продюсеры adetriyan


Продолжительность 00:24:35

Страна Индонезия


After waking up from being drunk and leaving KOMAR's (30) tavern, WILLIAM (40) met ELISA (25) with a Vespa which attacked the edge of the sugar cane field. Through this brief meeting, Elisa and William glanced at each other even though they did not know any further. William had a problem with the former EVA (40) who had remarried with a loan of 300 million, in addition BOB (40) a music producer who offered a contract for William was the only solution to Eva's problem. William still cares about Eva. One day the meeting did not meet between Elisa and William, which made William and Elisa's closeness even worse. Elisa is happy to get hope and William gets a chance for their relationship. Their love story went through even though it wasn't official yet, until after a night of making love, Eva came to William's house who also met Elisa. Eva, William, and Elisa entered the awkward atmosphere. Elisa gets angry because William accepts Elisa only as a sleeping friend at Eva, which then makes Elisa misunderstand and stay away. William is looking for Elisa but Elisa is getting away. As he became increasingly depressed, William finally accepted Bob's new offer, a larger form of money and a record in Jakarta. William was moved to leave the small town, William moved into a contract. Until one day, William finished the conversation with Eva by giving money, then went with a shop and a problem with Elisa.