At half light

Режиссёры Pamela Velazquez

Сценаристы Pamela Velazquez

Продюсеры Rhett Cutrell

Жанр drama, fiction

Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Мексика


Living situations could not be worse for a captive group of young children forced to do dirty work by a group of thugs. Endless slavery and back-breaking work during the day does not keep the light from illuminating the courage of the age 14 Lucia who’s spirits are much higher than the basement she is living in.With her only connection to the outside world a stray dog visible only through a barred window during the moonlight hours and a sympathetic, age 15 Leo, who notices her by chance one evening after following the dog Campanita (Tinkerbell) home.Leo realizes the only way he can be with his new friend is from within, but does he have the courage overcome the dangers and lifestyle of becoming a criminal to protect the one he loves? Can he hide his motives from fellow gang members and bottle his emotions as not to be detected? The psychopathic ring leader of this cartel has a no tolerance policy for these types of behaviors. Their future hides in the shadows.