SONATA (dir. C. Jezior)

Режиссёры Christine Jezior

Сценаристы Christine Jezior

Продюсеры Christine Jezior


Продолжительность 00:03:22

Страна Германия


Like shells on the beach“ John Cage has found his sounds. For his work „Sonatas and Interludes“ he fixed bolts, screws and rubber between the strings of his grand piano. This is how he created the tender, gamelan-like sounds he used to compose this piece of music. Everywhere are things waiting to be found, if you only dare to go unfamiliar paths and visit unfamiliar places. Old houses with overgrown entrances, fragile stairs, dusty attics. Whoever dares to search here will find unexpected treasures with which a futuric soundexperience can be produced on a traditional concert grand.