The Final Call

Режиссёры Pawel Cichonski

Сценаристы Wiktor Obrok, Pawel Cichonski, Agata Skrzypek, Lukasz Winkler, Artur Sitkowski, Wojciech Szulta

Продюсеры Pawel Cichonski


Продолжительность 00:07:32

Страна Польша


Silent film produced entirely in 48 hours after drawing a random genre from the hat and having the mandatory elements of the plot assigned.An elder lady comes back to her sold manor house to get things done just before leaving the country.the mandatory elements: a character: Michał/Michalina Potop, a police officera prop: a hammera dialogue line: 'Everything must have its place.'a city symbol of: Warsaw, PL