Режиссёры Robertoliveira

Сценаристы Isabel Blanco


Жанр Drama, historic, horror, visualart, fantastic, experimental, crime, music, literature, poem, lycanthropy, independent

Продолжительность 00:17:32

Страна Испания


Manuela Blanco Romasanta, ( Regueiro, Ourense 1809 ).This is how it is written on your birth certificate. At eight years of age, and after being educated and treated socially as a girl, Manuela becomes Manuel, becoming virilized because of a probable genetic syndrome of intersexuality (female pseudohermaphroditism). He retained, nonetheless, throughout his life the female factions and, instructed for the time, she read, she wrote, sewed and embroidered.She confessed thirteen murders, all committed in the Galician forests. Little Petra, was the first of its victims from which extracted its body fat for sale in Portugal and subsequent use in cosmetic products.In her defense she claimed that it was all a curse. Manuela Romasanta is the first documented case of clinical lycanthropy being known as Werewolf from Allariz and considered one of the real representations of the character of the Hispanic popular culture Sacamantecas or Hombre del Saco (sack man).Manuela Romasanta was sentenced to life imprisonment. She died in prison and was buried in a common grave.His remains never appeared.