Режиссёры Italo Sabetta

Сценаристы Roberta Costini

Продюсеры Roberta Costini, Italo Sabetta

Жанр Drama, Psicologico, Victoriano, drammatico

Продолжительность 00:13:42

Страна Италия


The protagonist is Clavella, a rich Victorian man feared by the country in which he lives. People have debts with him, especially a woman who, to repay one day, sends him to his daughter a famous and feared painting, CARNAVAL. Clavella, unknown to all this, accepts the CARNAVAL without knowing that it will be his torment. The woman to hurt him once and for all, behind the picture writes a date attached to a leaflet, the date of his death.The same date as CARNAVAL. Clavella indifferent to all this, let it all slide.But slowly his presence begins to be felt, taken "now" really from this situation begins his period of anguish, being carpenter decides to defeat that torment, he decides to build himself a coffin and make friends death. From that moment on, Clavella lives alongside her violin even with the painting and the coffin ... It becomes such an obsession that even when it comes out, it brings objects with it ...