The Taste of Colour

Режиссёры Isabell Freillinger

Сценаристы Gabriel Sahm

Продюсеры Northwind Visuals


Продолжительность 00:03:22

Страна Германия


Every year Renolit aims to discover the latest colour trends and apply them to the development of its products. We have been involved in the campaign for several years and this time we are keeping track on colours: What is the relationship between colour and taste? We interviewed an expert - star chef Boris Rommel. In the film "The Taste of Colour" he talks about the special relationship between colour and taste in cooking. For him, the passion for the profession is what makes a good cook, and this includes the use of fresh products to create a colourful and lively dish. For the Michelin-starred chef, taste comes first and then the look, always with the aim of creating a real work of art.